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5 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair & Rock Your Scrunchie

If there is one thing we LOVE the most about what we do; its seeing how you put your flare on styling your Loop #scrunchies. We’ve put together five easy ways to style your hair and rock your favorite scrunchie!   The “High Pony”   A classic bound to help you stand out. We love how a high-pony perfectly shows off your scrunchie and can be matched with any outfit! Also, I think we can agree this look gives off TOTAL 90s vibes.   The “Messy Bun”   Who else loves the feeling of throwing their hair on top of their head? Paired perfectly with sweats or even with a more polished look; the messy bun is defiantly one of...

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Meet the Babes Behind the Brand: Amanda & Trisha, Co-CEO's of LOOP

    It’s been two years of scrunchies, four babies and idk how many years of friendship and somehow it’s lead us all here. Hi! We’re Amanda and Trisha, BFFs since Middle School and Co-CEO’s of our business, Loop Lifestyle. It all started with a hunt for a chunky instagramable scrunchie as the last item for My (Amanda’s) hospital bag as  I prepared for the arrival of my son. I knew this day was not going to be the most glamorous, but I figured I could at least have a cute #topknot for what would be the most memorable day of my life.   After dragging my fiancé to every store imaginable I ended up home with something less than satisfactory. Fast forward...

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