The Recycle ♻️ Project

We are so excited to share what we have been working on.

✨Our goal with this project is offer a sustainable hair tie while helping to reduce waste in our world and while giving back to our community. 

These PREMIUM scrunchies are made from a spandex sports fabric composed of ♻️ 18 recycled water bottles per meter *translation: SWIM SCRUNCHIES MADE FROM RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES * Plastic can only be down-cycled, so this is a way to help reuse the plastic already on our planet and create something new with it!

Giving back to our community is important to us. That is why we are donating 5% of overall profits 💲 from the Recycle Project Collection back to different community organizations and causes each month.

Our first launch will be available in Black and we will offer 3 different sizes (classic, mini & super slim, yes this is a new size ❗️).

•Maintains shape when wet ✔️
•Easy wash ✔️
•Quick Dry ✔️
•Available in 3 sizes classic / mini / super slim✔️




April 2020- The Canadian Red Cross to assist with the toll of COVID-19

🗓This month, in light of COVID-19 😷, we will be donating the proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross AND in celebration of the collection’s launch, LOOP will be matching this donation.

Canada is now facing the extraordinary toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Red Cross is already playing a critical role in this response both in Canada and overseas. As the pandemic continues to spread, the work the Canadian Red Cross is doing to support impacted Canadians will broaden over time and adapt to meet long-term needs.