LOOP Gives Back

As a small business we know just how important community is. Without our community and the ongoing support from all of YOU, we would not be able to have created Loop Lifestyle.

Giving back and supporting our community, and communities across North America, is the least we can do. LOOP is always looking for new ways we can help. Through out various LOOP Give Back programs, mask donations and more; you, OUR COMMUNITY, help us be able to do this. 


Thanks to YOU, our customers, LOOP has donated over $13,000 back to various community organizations in the past year.

Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us give back and support our communities.

XO Amanda and Trisha 
CO-Founders, BFFs

Learn more about our LOOP Gives Back programs below.

LOOP Face Masks


On April 07, 2020 the Canadian Federal government Chief Medical Officers released a formal statement supporting the use of non-medical masks (or facial coverings) by the public to help slow the spread of the virus by pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic transmission. It is unknown at this time the frequency of this type of transmission but it is occurring between individual in close physical contact.

With the emerging information regarding pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission, and the goal to stop the spread of COVID-19 by all means possible, we felt we needed to help out our community by making these available! Wearing a non-medical mask—even if you have no symptoms―is an additional measure you can take to try to protect others around you.

 LOOP donates $1 from every website mask sale to a local community organization.



The Recycle ♻️ Project

✨Our goal with Recycle Project is offer a sustainable hair tie while helping to reduce waste in our world and while giving back to our community. 

These PREMIUM scrunchies are made from a spandex sports fabric composed of ♻️ 18 recycled water bottles per meter *translation: SWIM SCRUNCHIES MADE FROM RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES * Plastic can only be down-cycled, so this is a way to help reuse the plastic already on our planet and create something new with it!

Giving back to our community is important to us. That is why we are donating 5% of overall profits 💲 from the Recycle Project Collection back to different community organizations and causes each month.

This collection includes 3 different sizes (classic, mini & super slim, yes this is a new size ❗️).

•Maintains shape when wet ✔️
•Easy wash ✔️
•Quick Dry ✔️
•Available in 3 sizes classic / mini / super slim✔️