3 Holiday Hairstyles From LOOP

3 Holiday Hairstyles From LOOP

Thinking about your holiday outfits this year? Spice it up with one of LOOP’s 3 holiday hairstyles!


Half Pony with a Twist

 A “twist” on a classic look!
  • Spilt your hair in half horizontally
  • Split the top section in two halves
  • Twist
  • Combine both sections of hair together in a messy bun holding it together with a LOOP scrunchie!

Low Pony with a Venti

 Elevate any classic look with our new venti scrunchies!
  • Slick your hair back in a low pony
  • Pick your fav venti

Our venti scrunchies are the same elastic size as our classics with more fabric!

Low Bun with a Braid 

Take your messy bun to the next level.
  • On one side (or both!) braid your hair using the French braid and inverted braid technique
  • Braid from the top of your head back to your ear
  • Combine all your hair in a low bun
  • Pull braid apart to give it a bolder and boujee look!


Whether you’re celebrating at home or with loved ones this season, we promise these looks pair with one of our Holiday Cheer Collection scrunchies will be the talk of the evening!


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