Learn To Wash Your Hair Less !

Learn To Wash Your Hair Less !

One of my most favorite things to do a fresh shampoo and style... but let’s be honest, who has the time or patience to do this every dang day... NOT ME!! Guess what, your scalp and hair don’t want to be shampooed every day either, in-fact your scalp and hair would be much happier if we never shampooed our hair at all!! This as we all know isn’t an option but what if we could shampoo our hair less? Maybe reduce it to twice or even once a week!! Here's my tips to help your start washing your hair less!!!

Let’s start at the beginning with a little hair lesson. A hair follicle is a part of the skin, which grows a hair by packing old cells together. So basically, once our hair grows past the follicle it is no longer “living”.  How does our hair stay so nice after it’s grown past the scalp?? Attached inside the top of the follicle are sebaceous glands, which are tiny sebum-producing glands. Sebum is a yellowish, oily substance, due to its unique composition (known mainly to us as oil), sebum seals in moisture and prevents hair (and skin) from becoming over dry.

Why this lesson Nicole? Simply said, our sebaceous glands are activated to produce more sebum when needed. ie when you shampoo your scalp you are kind of asking it to produce more sebum.... I know right!! COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!!!!! So, follow these easy steps to stretch your non wash days a bit longer!!


Step 1:

If you are an everyday shampooer start by shampooing your hair every other day- but Nicole I NEED to wash it every day!! I didn’t say you couldn’t wet your hair or use dry shampoo - if you are timid at first go ahead and wet your hair - even give it a little scrub to the scalp if that helps, but don’t use a shampoo! Or use your favorite dry shampoo to give you a boost!


My personal favorites are by my personal favorite Design Me (a Canadian vegan company) they have three great dry shampoos!


Step 2:

Once you start transitioning to every other day (after about a week or so) the next step is to put two days in between each shampoo - BUT this time you will only wet it one of those days if you can!! If you can handle just a body shower for both days use your dry shampoo on the second non-wash day! Depending on your choice of dry shampoo, you can actually apply it after a fresh wash and blow dry to proactively absorb oils! If you find your dry shampoo to be “wet” looking don’t forget to blow dry your hair as you would of it were wet, for best results!


You can probably see by now how this is going to go, gradually, with support, stretching out your wash days! Awesome 👏🏼 but wait! I’m hear to make it a bit easier for you!


Since sebum is produced to keep the hair from getting dry, we need to keep the hair moisturized! Once a week (which will soon be your only shampoo day 😉) you should be doing a moisturizing treatment - my suggestion (another DesignMe FAV) is the Gloss Me Hydrating treatment! It has the right balance of moisture and protein to keep your hair from being dry and will keep it strong lessening the need for more (that’s right) SEBUM!!!! They also carry a Gloss Me serum that is great for daily moisturizing!!!


Always remember when using conditioner, serums and treatments you only apply them below the ear to keep from getting buildup on your scalp!!

Another great trick is to use a scrunchie (Loop’s are my favorite) when you are sleeping to gather all of your hair on top of your head! Less chance of oils from your skin ( or drool 😂) transferring on your hair!!  I also using a headband while working out will help absorb oils!!  Don’t forget to wash your scrunchies and headband regularly, they need a good clean too every once and awhile!

Summer is the best time to train your hair as we are already overproducing oils from the heat AND we are generally swimming more so that kinda counts as a wash 😉!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram @coley.lox or on Facebook at the lox hair studio page :)


Happy days,






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