Embracing a New Year ... after a LONG year !

Embracing a New Year ... after a LONG year !
GUEST BLOGGER: Barb Fletcher, Stress Expert 

In an ordinary year, we are likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed during and AFTER the holidays.
Well, truth be told 2020 was no ordinary year. The last ten months have been filled with constant and rapid change. Things that we knew to be true last March, bear no resemblance today. So just saying that we're a little bit worn down, maybe an underestimation. With only a few (like ONE) day into 2021, demands increase; oh, what do we do to keep it together.   
For some, we were left missing our friends and family at Christmas, a time when we would typically gather or maybe your "bubble" had some people in it who triggered you. It truly is a challenging time, and if we are not aware of our feelings and reactions, they can undoubtedly bubble over.
My bet is you have read lists and lists always to feel better during this crazy time. And when we're experiencing high levels of stress, it just pushes us into overwhelm.
Making a decision may be impossible. Have you ever experienced a time of great stress, and you are faced with making a decision? Perhaps there were several directions you could take. When you looked at that situation, you had a Sinking Feeling in your gut. Your brain was running scenarios, and it felt like you were on a hamster wheel with no way to get off.
My approach today is to share only one technique. And if you only use this single technique, my promise to you will be that you will experience relief from the “post-holiday crazy.”
Now, I  will tell you the most challenging part of what I'm going to share is not the technique itself. It will be you to remember to do it. You may also be in disbelief that something so simple could work.
As a heart math trainer and coach, this is the first tool that everyone learns. It's called heart focussed breathing. One of the best things about heart focussed breathing is that you can practice this in any situation, and no one knows. We know that there are all kinds of stress relief techniques; you may need a particular place and a special time to practice, and when stressed hits, that may not be possible.

So let's give this a try:

Step 1:   I want you to focus your attention on the area of your heart. If this is new to you, it may seem a bed odd, oh, so bear with me. one trick that you can use to help you focus on your heart is to place your hand over your heart area. You'll notice as your chest rises and falls with your breath, you may be able to feel l your heart underneath your hand. 
Step 2: Now, I want you to imagine that your breath is flowing in and out Alt your heart area; you will breathe a little bit slower and a little bit deeper. breathing in and out through your nose if that's possible.
Just Two Steps.
If you can practice this regularly oh, you will experience stress relief. if you find yourself in a situation you know is going to be difficult oh, it's excellent time to practice a couple of minutes before just to do a bit of a reset 
So, let's take back your power from the holiday craziness that it was! You've got this! 
If you have questions, I respond quickly to emails and make time for complimentary calls on a limited basis.  
Barb Fletcher, Stress Specialist.
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