How to Wear Your LOOP Face Mask

How to Wear Your LOOP Face Mask

 Over the past eight months we ALL have been navigating the new normal of living with COIVD-19 in our communities. In April, LOOP decided that we wanted to help play a role in our communities and create community face mask for our customers.

Our adult size NON-medical grade face masks consist of 3 layers- the 2 outer layers of high-quality, tightly woven cotton with an inner layer of flannel (100% cotton). ** Masks labeled twill are  3 layer mask consists of one outer layer of 100% viscose twill, a middle layer of flannel (100% cotton) and one inside layer of high-quality, tightly woven cotton (100% cotton).** They are intended to fit snug over the nose and mouth, and be used for short periods of time when physical distancing is not possible in public settings (e.g., grocery shopping, in close settings such as public transit).

Wearing a non-medical mask when in public or other settings is not a replacement for following proven measures such as hand washing and physical distancing. A face mask should always be combined with other measures such as respiratory etiquette (coughing into your elbow) and hand hygiene

Here's How to Wear Your LOOP Face Mask

How to put on:

Step one: Wash or sanitize your hands (THIS IS A STEP YOU MUST DO)
Step two: Place straps over your head and adjust accordingly one elastic should lay at the bottom of your head/neck and the other at the crown of your hair line.


How to take off:

Step one: Wash or sanitize your hands (THIS IS A STEP YOU MUST DO)
Step two: Remove bottom (one at your neck) strap over your head, then remove top strap. Place directly in the wash or if your in your car into a bag until you get home to wash it.
Step three: Wash or sanitize your hands (THIS IS A STEP YOU MUST DO)

Pro Tip
: Wash your hands and apply prior to leaving the house.
NOTE: Non-medical masks or facial coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
People should also be aware that masks can become contaminated on the outside or when touched by hands.  Avoid moving the mask around or adjusting it often. Also, masks should not be shared with others!


DISCLAIMER: these are NOT medical grade & have NOT been tested for is effectiveness in blocking viruses. Wearing a non-medical mask (e.g., homemade cloth mask) in the community has not been proven to protect the person wearing it. However, the use of a non-medical mask or facial covering can be an additional measure you can take to protect others around you. User assumes full responsibility with use. Health Canada advises Canadians that “Homemade masks are not medical devices and consequently are not regulated, like medical masks and respirators.” We highly recommend you educate yourself on the various considerations to be given when purchasing a cloth face mask at : Consideration in the use of homemade masks to protect against COVID-19.

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