Thrift Tips with @iseasonedit

Thrift Tips with @iseasonedit
Thrift shopping has always been something I’ve loved to do since I was in middle school. In my hometown, we had an old church where to basement was a donation centre, I would ask my mom to take me and I would buy every graphic tee I could find. And now thrifting has become a business for Evan and I (Autumn) with @iseasonedit ! 

Not only do we love the thrill of the thrift, but it’s happy for our wallets and the planet. Reducing our carbon footprint while shopping, I mean, doesn’t get any better than that. So, if you’ve been thinking about thriftinghere’s our tips to help you get started! 

What to Look For! 

When thrifting, start by trying to look for interesting pieces that catch your eye from a glance. We love hunting for interesting textures, colors and materials.  

Check the Bottom 

It’s always interesting to check the bottom of your items to see if there any dates, signatures or locations sketched on the bottom. It's so fascinating to find a piece that has a little bit of history with it, it makes it that much more special and unique.  

Think Outside of the Box 

Keep in mind that just because an item is sold as a vase that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to hold your make up brushes', pens and pencils at your desk, or even finding cute antique cups to keep your cotton balls and Q-tips in. Think outside the box

Clothing Tips 

In terms of thrift clothing, we are really into finding true denim, which is harder to find these days especially at a decent price, and with true denim the older it is in the more wear it has, the more comfortable it will be.  

Finding dresses is one of Autumn’s favorite items, but we must say the hardest!  
We always tend to go up a size or two because typically the clothing was made some time ago, so sizes don’t always match our current sizing charts. 

t be afraid to search in the men’s section! Finding a comfortable oversized flannel button up, or a cool graphic tee and menswear jeans to cut into shorts are always a win!  

Remember to keep it mind, the hunt is just as fun as finding the items! Sometimes you walk in and immediately find that piece you never knew you needed, but most of the time it takes a bit more inspection, which makes it that much more exciting! 

Happy thrifting,  
Autumn & Evan  

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