Part 1: iOS14 Homescreen Tutorial

Part 1: iOS14 Homescreen Tutorial


Starting Out: Clean-up & Get Organized

So, obviously, I've already started. Did a little bit here BUT I'm still working away at it, and this is what I did.
First, you go through and you hide any apps that you're not using.
Make everything wiggle, and then you can just say like you don't want to delete it, you just want to move it to the App Library, and the App Library is over here (swipe right to left on your screen to access) and it keeps everything super organized as well.
So, that's what I did. I went through and just like hid anything I didn't think I was going to need.

Then, I found a super cute background.
So, I went on Pinterest, and from Pinterest I searched like something generic just like “pink clouds” or like “pink sunset”. Save the image that you’ve selected, and set it as your background, So, that is step one.

The Layout: Make a Color Scheme & Customize your Widgets

First, let's work on the bar at the bottom.
So, you see I have phone, messages, emails and then Safari.
What I would do first is go to Pinterest and let's search phone icon pink. So, literally you can use anything you want. Screenshot or save the icon that you like.
From there you're going to look for shortcuts, it should be downloaded but you might have to re-install it or do whatever you need to do there. 

Next, you're going to go to all shortcuts and press the plus in the top right corner.
Add action and you're going to type in open app.
From here, you're going to click Open App down below under actions with the nine rainbow squares. Next, you're going to open Choose.
We said we wanted to customized our ‘phone’ app,  so we're going to type in phone.
We're going to click the dots in the right hand corner and we're going to name it phone.
Add to Home Screen.
So, here I want to type in shortcut name phone. I wanted everything to start with a lower case, so that's what I did there and then we're going to click that icon there and choose photo.
You can literally zoom right in on anything you found that you like. This is a cheap way to do it, but you can buy these off of Etsy or different places like that, and we hit add.
Literally, it's add it to your Home Screen. So, click done and here it is. 

The Layout: Creating your Shortcut

Starting from your Home Screen is you're going to make everything jiggle again.
You're going to remove (delete or hide) the original phone app from dashboard at the bottom and put your new one in.
(In the video its the same icon I used earlier. That's why they look the same.)

How did you make out? Are you LIVING for this new iOS14 update as much as I am?

You may have noticed on my screen bigger squares / images etc. and underneath it says Widgetsmith.

Stay TUNED for PART 2 to learn how to add customized Widgetsmith’s to your page !


Did you update you layout using our tutorial? We want to see it! Don’t forget to share it and tag us at!


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