About Us

The Babes Behind the Brand: Amanda & Trisha ! 
We are trend seekers. We are moms on a mission to stay cool and relevant by keeping our customers fashion forward and in the loop with all the latest trends. Don't be fooled, if there's an opportunity to bring back our fav 90's style; we're all over it.

We’re Amanda and Trisha, Co-CEOs of Loop Lifestyle and BFFs for over 17 years. Best friends and business partners, say what?! We know, we get that a lot but for us, it just works!
It all started with a hunt for a chunky instagramable scrunchie as the last item for Amanda’s hospital bag as she was preparing for the arrival of her son. She knew this day was not going to be the most glamorous but figured it could at least have a cute top knot for what would be the most memorable day of her life.  

After a long hunt, and expressing my frustrations to Trish, together we decided “we should make scrunchies.” After many sewing tutorial videos, sourcing fabric, and determined by goal, we were ready to begin our journey to make the perfect scrunchies.
Now years later we are committed to uphold the highest level of quality in each of our products. We push boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future: beautiful and sustainable. No compromises. We value polished easy looks for everyday wear and use.
Working along with Amanda and Trisha, is an incredible team of sewers, and operational staff as well as the support of over 65 retail locations across Canada carrying Loop Lifestyle.
But why stop at scrunchies? As new moms we are always on the hunt to stay cool (because everyone wants to be the cool mom) but who has time to scan through countless sites in order to stay trendy for your and your littles. Our goal is to keep you in the “LOOP” and we want to make it as painless as possible. We strive to provide our customers with the most practical, cost friendly version of trendy pieces, today it's scrunchies tomorrow its headbands for the littles, we keep up with the trend’s so you don’t have to.
In January of 2020, Loop Lifestyle was proud to to release their Loop Littles collection; exclusive BIG BOWS for your little(s). Expanding our trend reach beyond the bump and booming a one stop shop for all busy mom and dads !

We could have never anticipated the amazing community of empowering women that have come together. This space we’ve created is one that: encourages all women to come together to share raw, relatable aspects of their daily lives. 
Weather it’s late night feeding, a long day at work, your kick a** fitness journey  or a night out with the girls, we have created a space where women are comfortable sharing not only the curated highlight reel that the social media has become but also the struggles and less glamorous moments that life is truly made up of. 
Don’t get us wrong we are suckers for pretty content but its those daily shares from all you is what keeps us grounded and give us a space to refer to when we need it most.
If you read this far, then we must have your attention and we can not wait to share this journey with you!
Amanda and Trisha 
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PS Community means everything to us check out our LOOP Gives Back page!